• App Defaults 2023

    I’m a bit late to the party but still want to share my *App Defaults– like many others did.

    Here is the list of Apps I use:

    • ✉️ Mail Client: Apple Mail
    • 📨 Mail Server: iCloud + Hetzner
    • 📝 Notes: Drafts
    • To-Do: Todoist
    • 📷 iPhone Photo Shooting: Camera
    • 📚 Photo Management: Photos
    • 🗓️ Calendar: Fantastical
    • 🗄️ Cloud file storage: iCloud Drive (+ Nextcloud and OneDrive)
    • 📰 RSS: Readwise Reader
    • 📇 Contacts: Contacts
    • 🌐 Browser: Safari
    • 💬 Chat: iMessage, WhatsApp, Signal
    • 🔖 Bookmarks: DEVONthink
    • 👓 Read It Later: Readwise Reader
    • 📜 Word Processing: MS Word (if I have to)
    • 📊 Spreadsheets: MS Excel (if I have to)
    • 🛝 Presentations: Keynote, Deckset
    • 🛒 Shopping Lists: Cookidoo
    • 🧑‍🍳 Meal Planning: Cookidoo
    • 💰 Budgeting & Personal Finance: MoneyMoney
    • 🗞️ News: → listen to Podcasts
    • 🎶 Music: Apple Music + Marvis Pro
    • 🎧 Podcasts: Castro
    • 🔐 Password Management: 1Password

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