• QuickLink Opener

    Opening the same link(s) over and over again on different platforms can be annoying if you always have to type them or you need to rely on bookmarks or other apps.

    Bookmarks don’t work for me especially on iOS with the different Safari profiles that I use. These profiles are just not accessible enough on the iPhone.

    Of course I created a Drafts action to solve this problem for me. QuickLink Opener allows me to configure links that I often open in a simple configuration draft where I categorise them into different sections.

    When I want to open one of the configured links I just hit the action and select the category + url that I want to open. I immediately added the action to my Drafts widget in the Today View on iOS – to get really easy access to it.

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    I updated my Raycast extension for Drafts with the new command Create Draft from Selection that will create a new draft from the currently selected text 🥳. It was a suggestion by a user of it, and I (finally) took some time to add it and really enjoy using it! Whenever you want to create…

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