Craftcuts is my Shortcuts eXtension for Craft.

It lets you run Shortcuts from Craft. You can configured which blocks shall be passed as inputs to the Shortcut from the eXtension.
There is a Template Shortcut available in the repository to help you create or adapt your own Shortcuts to use them with Craftcuts.

All features are explained in the README file on GitHub.

You can download the eXtension as .craftx file or the complete source code from the repository:
GitHub – FlohGro-dev/Craftcuts: Shortcuts eXtension for Craft

You can find all the latest updates there. I will add the release notes of each version below.

v0.3 additional inputs with block changes

  • new: input option cancel and move tasks – this will cancel any open task in your current document and provide them as input to the shortcut (you can use this to move tasks from the todays note to tomorrows note with this Shortcut)
  • new: input option done tasks – will provide all done tasks from a document to the Shortcut
  • updated: multiple input template supports done tasks input – download here

v0.2 a lot more settings and Shortcut input options

  • new: configuration menu for added Shortcuts
  • new: selecting a display name for the Shortcut is now possible
  • new: configuration options to select the inputs provided to the Shortcut:
  • page title
  • selected blocks
  • open tasks
  • url blocks
  • all blocks
  • change: URL Blocks will now be exported as markdown urls and not include a link to the original block in Craft since this makes more sense

v0.1 initial release

  • new RUN Shortcuts from Craft