Craftist is my Todoist eXtension for Craft.

It lets you integrate your Documents in Craft with your Todoist account to e.g. crosslink tasks / projects between the two apps. You can create tasks from Craft blocks in Todoist or import tasks from Todoist into your Craft document. All features are explained in the readme file on GitHub.

You can download the eXtension as .craftx file or the complete source code from the repository:

GitHub – FlohGro-dev/Craftist: Todoist integration for Craft

You can find all the latest updates there. I will add the release notes of each version below.


  • new: tab layout to divide into Features / Settings and Info
  • new: version check in the Info Tab (thanks to @DharamKapila for the support and inspiration)
  • new: import tasks with label feature – this allows the user to import all tasks with the selected label
  • new: setting to exclude importing tasks that are assigned to other people in Todoist (enabled by default)
  • improved: recurring tasks now include the "due string" to show more information about the recurring frequency
  • improved: removed seconds from due time string
  • improved: no completed tasks are imported anymore when importing tasks from a linked project
  • changed: emojis to indicate mobile (App) 📱 and web 🌐 links to tasks – this reduces the needed space for the links
  • fixed: prevent sync task states when the due date in Craft is older than in Todoist for recurring tasks


  • fixed: settings for continuous sync and due dates in daily notes were not read properly
  • improved: notification for unsynced tasks (recurring tasks are not synced when due dates are disabled)


  • improved: sync task improvements – switched to update Blocks – blocks will not get recreated in every sync
  • new: priorities sync – priorities can be synced as metadata which will colorize the task content similar to Todoists colors
  • new: recurring tasks will be unlinked when when they are completed in a daily note which will prevent repeated sync of the task / keep it checked in the daily note
  • new: (beta) continuous sync of tasks can be enabled in the settings – this will perform a sync every 30 seconds – it will be enabled / disabled with the Sync Tasks Button
    • this is a beta feature so please be patient and expect bugs; report them in the repository with as much details as possible
    • to report issues or thoughts on the beta you can add comments in the discussion


  • new/improved: sync task improvements – recurring tasks are now enabled if due dates are included as metadata
  • new: metadata import – imported and synced tasks will now contain metadata from todoist (due dates, labels and descriptions) which you can enable / disable as you like
  • change: added warning for disabled task links since syncing states is not possible without links
  • new/improved: completely revamped settings window for easier usability
  • fixed: creating tasks features now respect link settings
  • new: option to import tasks after the current selected block (enabled by default)
  • new: option to set due dates for exported tasks to date of the daily notes (enabled by default)
  • change: craftdocs://open[..] urls (resulting from cross-linking) will be stripped from task contents since they don’t work and just produce clutter.


  • new/fixed: Craftist is now working in the web version of Craft
  • change: slightly changed the login behavior – no separate login form anymore – now included in the “Login/Logout” button
  • fixed: cleanup of notification behavior when execution of operations succeeds / fails


  • new: TASK GROUPING – now all imported tasks are grouped by their parent task / project / section
  • new: imported Tasks will contain the due date of the task which is linked to the correct daily note
  • new: Settings Menu to change some basic settings:
    • Enable / Disable Mobile Url (for tasks and projects)
    • Enable / Disable Webview Url (for tasks and projects)
    • Enable / Disable Due Dates for imported tasks
    • note: these settings are stored locally but must be set again after you reinstalled the eXtension (at least from my testing results)
  • change: „import project List“ now uses correct order of projects
  • fixed: „import todays tasks“ button now also imports overdue tasks
  • fixed: tasks won’t get imported twice when they are already present in the document


  • new: “Link Note to Project” Button / Feature which will prepend a link to an existing project in Todoist to the current document
  • new: “Import Tasks from linked Project” Button / Feature which will import all Tasks from the linked Project and add them as Blocks to the end of the document
  • change: Creating / Crosslinking tasks will now create tasks in the linked project (if the note is linked) – if the note is linked to multiple projects in Todoist the tasks will be created in the inbox
  • change: Created / Linked Tasks will now contain a Link in the Task Description to the Craft Document itself


  • new: create tasks from selection (selected blocks)
  • new: import all tasks feature
  • fixed: theme detection (dark / light mode)
  • improved: UI cleanup with sections
  • change: preventing sync task states for recurring tasks (it’s not transparent to the user what happens in the background – since they will get reopened with the new due date after another sync)


  • initial release of Craftist
  • crosslink open tasks from document
  • sync task states
  • import today’s tasks
  • import project list