Craftist 0.7 is out 🤗

Another step forward for my Craft eXtension to integrate with Todoist.

Find all the details below 📝 and download ⬇️ the new release from the GitHub repository:
After installing it you have to Login again with your Todoist token
If you have question’s / ideas or issues let me know 📮

Priorities Import 🔴🟠🔵⚪️

The priorities of your tasks are imported from Todoist as metadata. The imported priorities will be highlighted similar to the colors in todoist as p1🔴/p2🟠/p3🔵/p4⚪️
Of course you can disable the import in the settings

Sync Task Improvements 🔧

I completely reworked the behavior to make it much cleaner (e.g. no deleting and re-adding of task blocks)
The sync of Recurring Tasks was improved again – they will now be “unlinked” in daily notes to prevent completing tasks several times

Fixed Task formattings 🩹

I improved the handling of formatted tasks (e.g. with markdown links or bold / italic styling) these should be preserved now and don’t get lost after creation or sync


Please provide feedback on that in the discussions on GitHub

It can be enabled in the settings.
The Sync Task Button will then enable / disable the continuous sync of tasks every 30 seconds.

I hope you like this update 😎
The repository now contains several discussions where you can provide feedback if you want – this will help me to decide future development and feature priorization