📣 Draftodon v1.4 released 📣

I just released a new version for Draftodon – my Drafts Action Group for Mastodon.


🆕 post from prompt action
🆕 post / schedule with hashtags action
🆕 import bookmarks action
🆕 import favorites action
🆕 import from home timeline action
↗️ multiple accounts can now have different character limit settings
↗️ insert hashtag / mention improved

🆕 post from prompt action ✍️

If you want to quickly post a status to mastodon just run this action. It will display a prompt and ask you for the status text. It will publish the given text and store it in a new draft.

🆕 post / schedule with hashtags action 🏷️

Do you use the same hashtags over and over again? Use these actions to append configurable hashtags to the current draft and publishes / schedules it afterwards. Duplicate them for use with different hashtags.

🆕 import bookmarks action 📚

It‘s great that you can bookmark statuses on Mastodon but do you really review them? This action fetches your bookmarks and presents them in a preview. From there you can choose to import one which will create a new draft with the content, some meta information and a link back to the original post

🆕 import favorites action ⭐️

Similar to the import bookmarks action you might want to import recently favorited status? Now you can!

🆕 import from home timeline action

Last but not least you can also import a recent status from your home timeline? You don‘t even need to import one you can just view them using this action without getting sucked into a rabbit hole.

↗️ multiple accounts can now have different character limit settings

In previous versions the character limit was a global setting and you couldn’t set different limits for different accounts. Now you can!

↗️ insert hashtag / insert mention improved

These two actions will now activate the editor after the insertion point to stop interrupting your writing flow

⬇️ Download and Installation

1️⃣ temporarily save your settings of the “Draftodon Settings”, “insert handle“ & “insert hashtag” action in a draft
2️⃣ Update your Action Group (or download it the first time) from the Action Directory
3️⃣ run the “Draftodon Setup/Update” action and select “Setup/Update Draftodon.js” which will update the JavaScript file in your Scripts folder
4️⃣ Reconfigure your settings and you’re ready to go

📣 Spread the Word and Share Your Feedback

Hopefully you’ll like this update. I would appreciate if you share it with others (🚀 the post on mastodon) and since I develop these things in my free time: consider to support my work

If you have any feedback or further suggestions please let me know 🗣️ You can open an issue on GitHub or just reach out to me in the Drafts forum or on Mastodon