Fantastic Event Parser

I extended the awesome Fantastically Good Event Parser by @pdavisonreiber (original Drafts forum post and action) to allow the users more control over the actually created event.

It uses the same parsing technique so full credits to @pdavisonreiber for that logic! I added a prompt for each event the action will create where you can check the interpreted data and make adjustments if you want to.

I included an extended documentation on how to use the action in the directory. A few examples of events that will be recognized by the action:

Important discussion with coworkers tomorrow 9:00-11:30 /work alert 30min at Apple Park
Dinner sunday 19:00 for 3h /private at FavoritePizza
Workshop 2024-02-01 to 2024-02-03 /work at San Francisco
Call with Somebody today 17:00

Find the documentation and download it in the action directory

If you want to discuss about the action head over to the Drafts forum. I also posted about it on Mastodon – let me know what you think ☺️