On My Mind Action Group

I was intrigued by Federico Viticci’s Workflow with his “On My Mind” Shortcut to simplify ‘Thought Capture’ he shared recently in the MacStories Weekly.

Since I don’t use obsidian and heavily rely on Drafts as my main input tool I built an Action Group for the same purpose to use with Drafts which I want to share with you 😎

It contains actions to add thoughts to your “On My Mind” Draft based on your input in a Prompt or the content of the current Draft.
You can quickly open your “On My Mind” Draft from anywhere and when you’re ready to process the chunks of text in it you can run the ‘process On My Mind Action’

You can customize the processing options to your own needs. This will allow you to run any of your own Actions from a Prompt on each chunk of text in the “On My Mind” Draft just like you would on normal Drafts.

You can e.g. send one chunk of text as task to your Task Manager and the next one to Craft to create a new note or use one of my Append/Prepend Actions to existing documents. Or just run any other Action you’re using on a regular basis.

You can download the Action Group from Drafts Action Directory

To show you how to use it and how to configure your own Actions I recorded a Video which you can watch on YouTube.

I hope these Actions are useful for you! If you have any issues or other ideas just let me know ✌🏼