open markdown URL

This action will search the current draft for markdown formatted urls e.g.:

- [Google]( this is famous search engine
- text before [Bear](bear://) and text after
- [text in brackets, no problem] [OneNote](onenote://open)
- [Google](
- [BBC](

Depending on how many URLs are available in the draft the action will either

  • open the only existing link immediately
  • display a prompt if multiple URLs are present in the draft – you can select by the given title which URL should be opened.

The URLs are opened with Safari by default – this will also enable „app links“ e.g. „drafts://open..)

The action was inspired by this thread in the forums – credits to @RoyRogers for the code examples – I used some of them in the action


no configuration needed


run this action whenever you want to open a (markdown) URL from a draft. You don’t need to enter link mode in the editor – if only one link is present in the draft this action will speed up your workflow. You can even set a keyboard shortcut to the action or add it to your action bar if you frequently want to open URLs from your drafts.