Joining the One a Month Club ☺️

I stumbled across some posts on Mastodon and blogs I follow about „One a Month“. Jarrod has set up a cool site for the One a Month Club to round up all sites / people who are following this framework.

Manuel Morale started that ‘movement’ on his blog saying:

I recently realized that tiers are the wrong approach. At least for me. I believe in kindness. I believe that if you decide to support something I do, you should get all the benefits, no matter how much you pay.“
– Manuel Moreale

I totally agree with his belief in kindness, but as Robb also put it in his post

I don’t want to paywall the things I make, those are better served being available to everyone“
– Robb Knight

This has always been my approach and people who benefit from things I develop get „nothing“ but the satisfaction of making me smile. Of course there are regular costs (e.g. this website or the great instance on Mastodon by but the most expensive thing of course is my own time. I love creating tools and helping people improve and simplify their workflows so I never paywalled these things. On the other hand it’s really great to get some appreciation and a little compensation of the costs.

In short: I added (or changed) membership tiers on my ko-fi and buymeacoffee to 1$ a month. I also changed the minimum amount to 1$ to join the people Jarrod listed on

Nothing will change about the stuff I create and share, but if you want to support me on a regular basis, you can do so at the lowest possible cost. I really appreciate every single support I receive, replies / boosts on Mastodon, kind words via email and of course everyone who wants to support One a Month.

Thank you!