Craft Wordle Tracker

This shortcut is for the Wordle players out there who want to keep track of their stats and the solution words in Craft – plus share their solving statistic with someone.
It is based on on @viticci‘s WordleBot Shortcut – so full credits to him 🙂

@viticci built a shortcut to basically pretty print the shared content of the wordle result.
This shortcut uses the pretty printed version and adds it to a configurable document in your Craft space. To remember which word was the solution the shortcut will prompt you to insert the word and it will be added to the craft document, too.

In the end the shortcut lets you share the statistic of today with one or more contacts via iMessage (of course the solition won‘t be included in the message).


When you install the shortcut you are prompted to select the space and the document the shortcut should use. Additionally you are prompted to select the contacts you want to share the worlds stats with.

If you don’t want to share the results just delete the message step at the bottom of the shortcut.


Usew this shortcut after you solved the Wordle and press the share button in the statistics window (ensure to turn off content blockers on the website). Select this shortcut in the share sheet to pass the stats to it. The shortcut will ask you for the solution word to add it into your Craft document.