Experiments with Shortcuts for Raindrops

Update: Turns out that you can use the highlight colors in raindrop to create more structured highlights in the markdown export. I always struggled using highlights since it was necessary to format them in the export to sort them e.g. below the heading they belong to. Now I just use the colors yellow > blue > green > red to set the level of indentation.

I experimented a bit with the newly released highlights feature of Raindrop.io.
I wanted to see if there is a quick and easy to use solution to import the highlights of my most recently highlighted bookmark into markdown format.
With Raindrops API this is possible and can be used in Shortcuts!

I built two Shortcuts I want to share with you. The first creates a markdown text for the most recently highlighted bookmark.
The second Shortcut will import all Highlights made today and sort them by their source into a nice overview. This second shortcut requires the Toolbox Pro App.
Download them here:

This was just an experiment and its not too easy to retrieve a authentication token but it works – if you’re interested I can document this a bit to make it easier to create your own token for your raindrop account

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