4 principles about goal setting

What I learned about goal setting – a Thread 🧶

This is no theoretical stuff neither a step-by step guide with success guarantees. Just a collection of helpful impulses on that topic. a few things that I want to share with you.

If we don‘t set goals we might regret things we didn‘t do afterwards.

We can set goals in various areas of our lives
• family & friends
• learning (school, studying, learning)
• financial
• health
• business / work
• volunteering
• …

But how to set goals and what is important?

There are many goal setting methods like SMART, WOOP, OKR – but actually making a step back might be far more important

„People loose their WAY when they loose their WHY“
– Gail Hyatt

If you don‘t know your WHY, your goals will reflect what you think others want you to do

What is your WHY!? Take time to answer that question thinking about responsibilities you have in your different areas in life. Share your motivation with others to get to know theirs!

I found that there are 4 important principles to follow when you set goals. They significantly improve the success rate and help you to choose what to focus on since there‘s always more that you can do..


➡️ Life begins out of your comfort zone!
💡either it works or you learn a lot
🤏 often the obstacles seem to be bigger than they really are

How can you step out of your comfort zone?


➡️ visibility encourages action
💡 commit to your goals by making them visible for yourself (wallpaper, reminders, post-it)
🗣 tell others about it – they can also checkin with you


➡️ consistency is key!
🍞 eating the whole bread in one piece is impossible – a slice a day is easy
🎳 finishing small steps creates momentum towards your goal
🕹 you can’t control the outcome, but your invested time and energy

Whats your next step?


➡️ Your WHY is your motivations to stick to your goals
🔀 Change your goal if it no longer fulfills you or circumstances change
🤩 You won‘t reach your goals if you don‘t enjoy your work
⚠️ there will always be unfulfilling phases – don‘t give up easily!

What did you learn from this Thread?
What are your most helpful tips for goal settings?
Do you even set goals for yourself?
What was your biggest achievement?

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Inspiration for the principles are from @todoist @carl_pullein @shawnblanc @_MikeSchmitz @MacSparky and @TEDTalks thank you all 😍