Launching a Raycast extension for Drafts

If you want to jump right into it – use this button to install the extension from the Raycast store.

I just jumped into the rabbit hole of building my first extension for Raycast to integrate it with Drafts – which was quite a fun experience 🙌🏽🙌🏽

If you’re a user of Raycast this can (significantly) speed up your workflows for Drafts.

You can download it from the Raycast store when you search for “Drafts” or find it with this link

In this first version It supports the following features (=Commands):

Create Draft ✍️

create drafts in a Raycast form with tags.

Append/Prepend to Draft ⬇️⬆️

Configure Drafts you often want to append / prepend text to.

To configure a Draft you need to copy its UUID in Drafts from the Info Menu of the Draft. You can choose a title that should be displayed in Raycast for this Draft and select if you want to prepend or append text to that Draft.

When you configured Drafts you can quickly prepend / append text to the selected Draft in the list.

It is also very easy to create a Raycast Quicklink to perform the prepending / appending even faster.

Create Draft from Clipboard 📄

Creates a new Draft with the current Clipboard text as content.

Create blank Draft 🆕

Quickly create a new empty Draft and open it in Drafts app.

Run Draft Action 💨

Configure Actions you want to run from Raycast.

Depending on your configuration Raycast will ask for text input you want to provide to the Drafts Action or run the Action without any text input.

Open Drafts Workspace 🌌

Configure Workspaces you want to quickly open from Raycast.

You can configure as many workspaces as you like by their name and open them from the workspaces list in Raycast.

In the Action Panel of each configured workspace you can also create a Raycast Quicklink for the workspace to open it even faster.

Dictate Draft 🎙️

Open the dictation interface in Drafts to quickly create a new Draft from dictated text.

Create Drafts Quicklink 🔗

This is a helper command to easily create additional Raycast Quicklinks to perform the following actions:

  • create a draft
  • open the quicksearch in Drafts
  • search in the drafts list
  • search in the Action list
  • capture text with Drafts capture window
  • open the dictation window

If you want to provide some feedback, find any issues or have additional requests just reply below or reach out to me on Twitter or via e-mail