• 📢 Draftodon v1.3 released

    I just released a new version for Draftodon – my Drafts Action Group for Mastodon.


    🆕 public urls are now appended to your published drafts 🔗
    🆕 quote post action 💬
    🤏 minor changes, documentation improvements and 🐛-fixes

    🔗 public urls appended to published drafts 🔗

    If you publish a post / thread with one of the actions of Draftodon the url of the published status will now be added at the bottom of the draft. This allows you to quickly jump to the post on your instance – either immediately after publishing it or weeks later 👍

    💬 quote post action 💬

    If you also miss a quote feature in Mastodon (which hopefully will be added sooner than later) you can now use the “quote status” action in Draftodon.
    Just copy the url of a post, paste it into the first line of a new draft and add you comment or whatever you want to add in the following lines. The quote status action will search for the linked status and add “💬 [quoted user] [quoted status url]” to the bottom of your post 💪

    ⬇️ Download and Installation

    1️⃣ temporarily save your settings of the “Draftodon Settings” action in a draft
    2️⃣ Update your Action Group (or download it the first time) from the Action Directory
    3️⃣ run the “Draftodon Setup/Update” action and select “Setup/Update Draftodon.js” which will update the JavaScript file in your Scripts folder
    4️⃣ Reconfigure your settings and you’re ready to go

    📣 Spread the Word and Share Your Feedback

    Hopefully you’ll like this update. I would appreciate if you share it with your network 🚀 and if you consider to support my work

    If you have any feedback or further suggestions please let me know 🗣️ You can open an issue on GitHub or just reach out to me in the Drafts forum or on Mastodon

    Have a great day 😎

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