• c[olor]ed themes for Drafts

    Sometimes you need a fresh paint for apps you use the most. The great thing about Drafts is that themes can totally change the look (and feel) of the app especially when you assign them to different workspaces.

    Having used my Vivid Black+ themes for a long time I was in the mood for some more colors in the interface. That’s why I took the time to create a series of c[olor]ed themes that I enjoy using for different workspaces to easily distinguish which one is active right now. It started with six themes but I already added a 7th theme to the list after a user in the Drafts forum thread.

    Take a look at these great themes

    If your interested to try them you can download them in the Drafts directory:

    To assign a them to a workspace edit the workspace, scroll down and pick the theme you like as preferred theme.

    If you have any suggestions to improve the themes, or requests for new colors don’t hesitate to contact me either on Mastodon or in the Drafts forum.

    If you enjoy using them I would appreciate your support.

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