iOS Shortcuts

iOS Shortcuts

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  • Shortcuts for Readwise

    After trying Readwise Reader and experimenting a bit with the Readwise trial I subscribed to the service because its just great 😄. Now I tried to create a few Shortcuts to retrieve Highlights from Readwise and share them to other apps. I personally use Obsidian and Readwise has a great official plugin to import the […]

  • Raindrop Shortcuts

    Over the past weeks I used Raindrop to read and highlight articles. I build a Shortcuts to quickly retrieve the highlights of the latest document in my account and also a few ones to quickly add links via the Share Sheet.You can find the download links and descriptions below.All shortcuts require an API token for […]

  • My Automation April Shortcuts

    While Automation April by MacStories is still for another week – the deadline for the Automation April Shortcuts Contest is today.I want to share the Shortcuts I submitted to the contest with you. The first one “BE PRODUCTIVE BOTCUT” is of course productivity related and should help you doing and reflecting on focused working sessions. […]

  • Experiments with Shortcuts for Raindrops

    Update: Turns out that you can use the highlight colors in raindrop to create more structured highlights in the markdown export. I always struggled using highlights since it was necessary to format them in the export to sort them e.g. below the heading they belong to. Now I just use the colors yellow > blue > […]

  • Get Craft Date Link For Today

    This shortcut just creates a link to the todays note for Craft and outputs it. It’s useful to integrate in other shortcuts with a “Run Shortcut” action where you want to have the todays date in a text. [Configuration] no configuration needed [Usage] If you want to e.g. build a shortcut to log something like […]

  • Craft Wordle Tracker

    This shortcut is for the Wordle players out there who want to keep track of their stats and the solution words in Craft – plus share their solving statistic with someone. It is based on on @viticci‘s WordleBot Shortcut – so full credits to him 🙂 @viticci built a shortcut to basically pretty print the […]

  • Open Craft Daily Note From Selection

    This shortcut lets you open the daily note you select (yesterday, today or tomorrow). You have to set the space in every of the „open document“ actions since this is currently the only way to open a daily note you select directly [Configuration] When you install the shortcut you are prompted to select the space […]

  • Craft Document from Template

    This shortcut creates a new document in Craft from a configured (markdown) template. [Configuration] When you install the shortcut you are prompted to select the space the shortcut should use. It will also ask you for the folder where new documents shall be placed – if you want to have new documents in the inbox […]

  • Daily Note Template to Craft

    This shortcut lets you configure a markdown template and adds (appends) it to your Daily Note in Craft when you run it. You can set your template in the text step. Bonus tip: You can create the template in Craft and then export it as markdown – then insert the exported markdown in the text […]

  • Add (Text-Input) to Todays Note

    This shortcut adds the provided (text) input to the todays note in Craft. You can use it in the share-sheet of iOS or integrate it in another shortcut to add contents to your todays note. [Configuration] When you install the shortcut you are prompted to select the space the shortcut should use. GET THE SHORTCUT